Mesh was launched on 18 October 2018, during Green GB week. The network is for everyone working in climate services provision, based in the UK, from researchers and civil services to private sector, professional bodies and third sector organisations. It provides a platform for members to share achievements and learning, and to find other UK-based organisations to work with to produce climate services for economic and societal benefit within the UK and globally.

The network welcomes everyone UK-based, across all sectors, with climate expertise, be it adaptation, mitigation and/or climate data and information focused. Members can attend representing their organisation or in an individual capacity as a climate services professional.

The Mesh network was co-founded by Briony Turner (Space4Climate  group) and Ben Smith (Global Climate Adaptation Partnership). They are coordinating the 2018-2019 programme of events and hope in due course to hand over the reins to another volunteering duo to co-ordinate the 2020-2021 programme.

Why did we name it Mesh?

The reasons are twofold:

  1. ‘Mesh’ is both a material made from a network of wire/plastic/thread, offering a degree of transparency, providing an interlacing structure binding its constituent parts together and;
  2. As a verb, when people ‘mesh’, it means they work well together.

Mesh has been made possible through funding and time in kind from the Space4Climate group and GCAP.

History of Mesh

Socialising adaptation futures

Both GCAP and the Space4Climate group took part in Adaptation Futures 2018 held in Cape Town. It was apparent that there was a great deal of climate expertise, innovation and leadership from an array of organisations across industry, government and academia, based in the UK.

There was an informal consensus that it would be good to have a way to continue to network back in the UK, to have a reasonably light touch, informal setting through which to share learning and make connections across the climate services supply chain. The concept of Mesh emerged and four months later it was formally launched during Green GB week in October 2018.