Mesh is a UK community of individuals involved in climate service provision who network locally.

Each event is run by volunteers, who love to bring people together to share knowledge and grow professional networks.

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Next Event

Glasgow: 6 November 2019

Glasgow City Region and wider Scotland, 6th November

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On 6 November Climate Ready Clyde (CRC) together with University of Strathclyde’s Business School (SBS) will host the first Scottish meeting of the MESH network. It will bring together those working in climate change and adaptation across the private, public and third sectors in Glasgow City Region, wider Scotland and members of the Mesh network from further afield, for an evening of networking and exchanging reflections on their work in the context of […]

Leeds: 27 November 2019

An evening of climate services, ethics and networking, Leeds, 27th November 

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Join us in Leeds on November 27th for an evening of climate services, ethics, and networking. Throughout the evening, we’ll be exploring ethical questions in climate services from a diverse range of speakers with governmental, non-profit, academic, and private climate service perspectives. A round of lightning talks will introduce you to the ethical questions and dilemmas, exploring questions such as how should climate services be regulated, if at all, and who gets to decide? How do […]


The network welcomes everyone UK-based with climate expertise.  You can join Mesh if you are:

  • a researcher, civil servant/work for some form of devolved or local government or NDPB, private sector, third sector or professional body practitioner.
  • motivated, interested and have, within your sector, climate expertise.
  • based in the UK.

There is no fee for being a member of Mesh. It is run by the community for the community.

How to become a member:

Apply Here

Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Those successful are added to the Mesh community newsletter.  This will be published on a quarterly, no more frequently than monthly basis providing community members with:

  • an early bird alert and a reminder for each event.
  • a link to the member’s e-directory (updated on a quarterly basis).
  • selected UK based climate services events editors are made aware of from the #MeshClimate.
  • Community news (achievements, publications, relevant past events with links to materials) sent to editors by members

Adding an event to the network’s programme

We’d like to include events in as many UK regions as our members make possible.  So if you have an event that will bring the UK Climate Services community together and is either dedicated to, or open to, Mesh members to attend and will facilitate networking, let us know and we’ll list it within the Mesh programme.

To do this, there are a few steps you will need to take:

  1. Organise the key ingredients for a Mesh event: a date, venue, speakers and funding of the networking reception OR make sure your event is open to all members of the Mesh community and is relevant to climate services for economic and/or societal benefit, then contact Ben or Briony with the details to seek approval for inclusion in the Mesh programme.
  2. Once confirmed as suitable for listing by the network, you’ll be sent a branding pack.
  3. Set the event up on Eventbrite, send the link through to Ben or Briony and it will be sent out to the community.
  4. Send out an e-delegate list at least one day in advance to attendees.
  5. After the event, send the list of attendees and a photo of the event in full swing to Ben/Briony for publication in the next newsletter.

About Mesh

Mesh was launched on the 18th October 2018, during Green GB week. The network is for everyone working in climate services provision, based in the UK, from researchers and civil services to private sector, professional bodies and third sector organisations. It provides a platform for members to share achievements and learning, and to find other UK-based organisations to work with to produce climate services for economic and societal benefit within the UK and globally.

The network welcomes everyone UK-based, across all sectors, with climate expertise, be it adaptation, mitigation and/or climate data and information focused. Members can attend representing their organisation or in an individual capacity as a climate services professional.

The Mesh network has been co-founded by Briony Turner (Space4Climate  group) and Ben Smith (Global Climate Adaptation Partnership). They are coordinating the 2018-2019 programme of events and hope in due course to hand over the reins to another volunteering duo to co-ordinate the 2020-2021 programme.

Why did we name it Mesh?  Twofold:

  1. ‘mesh’ is both a material made from a network of wire/plastic/thread, offering a degree of transparency, providing an interlacing structure binding its constituent parts together and;
  2. as a verb, when people ‘mesh’, it means they work well together.

Mesh has been made possible through funding and time in kind from the Space4Climate group and GCAP.

History of Mesh

Socialising adaptation futures

Both GCAP and the Space4Climate group took part in Adaptation Futures 2018 held in Cape Town.  It was apparent that there was a great deal of climate expertise, innovation and leadership from an array of organisations across industry, government and academia, based in the UK.

There was an informal consensus that it would be good to have a way to continue to network back in the UK, to  have a reasonably light touch, informal setting through which to share learning and make connections across the climate services supply chain. The concept of Mesh emerged and four months later it was formally launched during Green GB week in October 2018.

2018-2019 Programme Coordinators

Ben Smith
Ben SmithCo-founder of Mesh
Co-founder of Mesh and Director, Consulting Services at the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership
Briony Turner
Briony TurnerCo-founder of Mesh
Co-founder of Mesh and Climate Services Development Manager, Space4Climate & The Institute for Environmental Analytics.
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